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The state Senate eventually passed a more narrowly worded repeal, but it came too late in the session for the two bills to be reconciled. One problem is that the information they receive from pharmacies does not specify whether the co-pay was made by the patient or by the drug company. Everett Neville, chief trade relations officer at Express Scripts, a pharmacy benefits manager.

Analysts at Leerink Swann recently said a backlash against co-pay assistance might be inevitable but is not likely to happen in Her company started requiring patients to try the generic before using Solodyn. The cost per claim dropped back down. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box.

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Xyrem Patient Assistance Program Elligibility requirements: Must have no prescription coverage for needed medication Not disclosed Not specified The patient must be a US citizen or legal resident. Applicable drugs: Xyrem sodium oxybate Oral Solution More information please phone: Medications too Expensive? Drug Status Rx. Availability Prescription only. Xyrem Rating 78 User Reviews 7. Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc. Drug Class.

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The automated line says to call back when they are open and listed the hours. Currently is in the window they said to call back. Ive been on xyrem for eight months, i was prescribed it in april of , but it was the end of May before I could get it. So, a few days ago,sds called and said they couldnt ship. I explained i was on the accepting assignment program.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals Discloses DOJ Subpoena on Patient Assistance Program – Policy & Medicine

She said to contact my insurance company to get it straightened out. So i did They verified who i was and we explained the situation. Sds calls me within 5 minutes, and states that the coupon program was to benefit me, and now that i have disclosed the coupon info to insurance, the insurance company may come after them for their money back. This does not make sense. So shes setting up my shipment, and says, "i really need to figure out what to do with your account What the hell is that????

I've been using Xyrem for several years under the care of a Neurologist who specializes in Sleep Disorders. SDS Pharmacy has been very accommodating in correcting the issues in most cases.

Here's a few examples: Cigna requires an annual "pre-authorization" before they'll approve a refill. This often takes several attempts before all parties are sufficiently pleased with their own red-tape. This isn't the fault of SDS; it's bureaucratic stupidity on Cigna's part. FedEx incorrectly routes the package containing my Xyrem. This has happened on multiple occasions. SDS will not send an additional shipment until they either reclaim the original shipment, or if they have confirmation from FedEx that the package is lost or damaged beyond reclamation.

SDS does this so that you don't end up with multiple shipments. I order my refill too late. SDS normally calls or Texts me when it's time to refill or renew my prescription.

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Occasionally, they don't call or I forget to call back or respond to the Text. Totally my fault. Once I get close to running out, I feel compelled to call and freak out because I'm gonna run out. Someone at SDS screws up. Yes, it happens. On more than one occasion, I've placed a refill or renewal with SDS and receive nothing in the mail when I expected a package. When I call back, there's either no record of my call, or there's a legitimate reason why I didn't get the shipment.

For example: However, neither SDS nor Cigna called to inform me of this. OR, there was some other obscure disconnect on SDS's part that delayed the shipment. My Advice: SDS will call you the day before they ship your medicine and provide you with a tracking number. It means something went wrong with the order. Each time you call for a refill, write down the date and time and who you spoke to.

If you don't get your medicine, this will help identify people who are inept and SDS will either train them or fire them.


The day after you call for a refill, call back and make sure the refill was properly recorded. If they screwed it up, ask to speak with a manager per 2 above. Plan your refills around your vacations. You don't want to be on a two week cruise and have no medicine.