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Another great new source for purchasable coupons is WeClip. This is a site operated by a Canadian mom who finds and clips the coupons along with some help from her friends for a very reasonable price. The available coupons are listed on the site, so get to pick and purchase only the coupons that you want and you are guaranteed that they come pre-clipped. I want to know what your favourite spots are to get coupons online!


Are there any big ones that I missed? Have you scored any awesome high value coupons lately or are you just looking to get started with this whole couponing thing? Some links in this article may be affiliate links. We're letting you know because it's the right thing to do. It definitely works in Canada. I think I accidentally linked to the. I've fixed it now. Sep 18, by Stephen Weyman Everybody needs to eat so anything you can do to save money on groceries and food in general is bound to make a significant impact to your family budget.

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Coupon Websites These are the sites that either allow you to print the coupons directly using your home printer or will mail the coupons you choose directly to you in a period of a few weeks after you place your order. Stacking policies are always changing so be sure to check with your store! These are the numbers located on the barcode area of the coupon. Using coupons gathered from different sources eg. What is NOT allowed? These are the numbers located on the coupon. Using two coupons on an item when one coupon is equal to or greater than the cost of the item.

Full Coupon Policies Article. Now that you have all of your coupons collected and organized and you have read over your store policies, here comes the fun part! Using a coupon at any time is beneficial but if you really want to make a dent in your shopping bills, you need to learn how to maximize your savings. There are a few techniques for getting the most out of your budget.

How To Use Canadian Coupons

Couponing is a good idea for any person or household no matter what your financial situation. These tips apply to you whether you only use an occasional coupon or if you use a coupon for everything! This is a huge advantage for saving money! Instead of driving around to a bunch of stores to get the best deals you can do it all in one store.

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If you want to learn to price match follow these steps. Find out which stores in your area price match. Make sure to note the product, price and store where the sale is located. Gather the flyers for these stores and circle the ads you wish to match. You will need the original flyers for the stores you want to price match. The flyer must be the current circulating edition. Other stores have restrictions on which type of stores they will match eg.

Where to Find Grocery Coupons Online in Canada

Pick out all of the items on your list including the items you are going to ad match. Rock Bottom Price List Know the best time to use your coupons Keeping a Rock Bottom Price List will help you decide when the best time to use your coupons is to get the biggest savings. A Rock Bottom price is the lowest sale price that you have seen for each individual product. When you see a product advertised for your Rock Bottom, you will know when to use those coupons and get the most for your money.

Many people who are working hard at saving money find it a challenge to reduce their monthly grocery bill, at least at first.

Grocery coupons have been around forever, but have become extremely popular in the last several years. TV shows have even been created around shopping with coupons and how to find the best deals without spending a dime. When I first began seriously looking at coupons I found that US coupons seemed to be widely available and offered good savings. In some cases you can even stack them. In my search over the past 8 months I have kept a list of the sites both Canadian and US that I have found worthwhile coupons on, as well as other money saving tips, DIY ideas and great recipes.

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Several of these sites even offer coupon clipping webinars which teach you where you can find coupons offline, as well as how to organize your coupons so that you make the best use of your time. New sites pop up everyday as well because so many people are looking to save money.