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The paramedic, McDermott said, was physically unable to carry an oxygen tank upstairs to Harrawood's bedroom, and the pair together were unable to bring him downstairs on a stretcher. He was pounds. It took another five minutes or so for a firetruck and two additional firefighter paramedics to arrive, and ten more to get Harrawood down the stairs, McDermott said.

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His eye would wander on one side. And at that moment, both of his eyes were fixed on a point in the distance. As the ambulance door closed, the medical tech called for help from the paramedic in the driver's seat. By that time, the fire truck had left the scene.

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They called it back so that someone could drive the ambulance while two people worked on Harrawood. By the time the ambulance arrived at the hospital, about 45 minutes had passed since McDermott's initial call. Harrawood never woke up again. He went into a coma and died five days later. McDermott blames Gateway.

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Working in a doctor's office, McDermott says she deals with urgent situations on a regular basis and knows how important minutes can be in life or death situations. Had they been able to get him down the stairs faster. Had they not sent the fire truck off and were able to get the extra assistance on restarting his heart sooner, it may have changed the outcome," she said. That's far from the only complaint against Gateway since the city decided to outsource its ambulance service in Many citizens have raised concerns about the company's billing and response times.

One of them is U.

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City resident Aren Ginsberg, a retired librarian, who took it upon herself to compare raw data from University City's computer-aided dispatch records to data sent to an outside auditor. An official analysis by the last administration found that Gateway's response times were, on average, about a minute faster than the old in-house ambulance service.

That was one of the city's stated intentions back in , to speed up ambulance service by stationing crews in their ambulances at hot spots around the city, rather than at the firehouse. She filed a Sunshine Law request in for the same data submitted to an independent auditor — Emergency Services Consulting International — for the city's official analysis. That material showed dozens of discrepancies between the city's raw data and the data provided for independent review. Some incidents included in the city's data were not sent to ESCI for analysis, while others were duplicated.

Some calls were cancelled, yet still showed on-scene times; and these short calls were still included in Gateway's average response time. He had been a senior clerk at the Commons since October He said: He will be greatly missed. A friend, who did not want to be named, said that the civil servant had appeared to be in good spirits lately. The friend said: It is a complete shock.

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He was a nice guy, but that was the only proper conversation I had with him. H e also posted a shot of his balcony, showing off a floral display that drew admiring comments from his friends for all his "hard work". For him, it wasn't just physical exercise. It was about spiritual connectedness. He'd found Buddhism to bring peace to his troubled soul, Bancroft said, and yoga helped.

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Bolan came out as gay when he was young, and he was abused at school because of it, Bancroft said. It caused him a lot of pain.

All he wanted to do was find peace in the world, she said. He loved giving back, something Bancroft didn't always understand. She said her cousin was the type of person to give someone his meal when he hadn't eaten in a week. When she first found out about Bolan's death, Bancroft said she didn't want to believe it. Support stories like these. Find our subscription deals and offers here.