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There are several reasons to return to the telecom giants, and if you bundle services, you can often pay even less. Reliability is one of the most important considerations. Face it, your wireless devices need to be able connect to your Wi-fi no matter whether you are in the living room or the kitchen, upstairs or downstairs.

Can you imagine a spotty connection when trying to stream a video or movie? Internet security, like McAfee, is often included with your plan, so you and your family can safely surf the web and protect yourselves and your devices against online threats. You should ask if your current internet service provider includes it in their monthly price.

When you demand fast internet, the big companies are usually the ones that lead the pack. Seamless streaming video and live TV, fast website-loading times, and browsing online are a pleasure when everything works as expected. There are often discounts and deals available directly on their website, so be on the lookout for those in the Special Offers section or on the home page. Use promo codes to take advantage of additional savings including rewards cards and discounted monthly plans. Some require you to enter an offer code, while others can be clicked on to get the deal.

Help and support is just a click away when you visit their site. They even have videos, tools and articles for added convenience. Looking for a nearby store you can walk into, or would like to set up a time to get into the store and avoid waiting for personalized help? Visit ATT. Their internet speeds can reach as high as 6 Mbps and include Wi-Fi Gateway to connect all your devices. Contact them today to see how you can save on your internet package. Find all the latest coupons at Savings. Top Searches: Get Deal. We have 4 tvs on all the time. What a time waste. Thank God my boys figured it out for me.

Their customer service is unhelpful and seem to actually dislike their customers. I have been a subscriber for more than 2 years, and after more than 4 four months without FOX, I finally called to complain and ask for a reduction in my rate. I understand that they cannot guarantee channels, but they do control their pricing, and can reduce it if they lose a major channel like FOX. As far as I am concerned, they have cheated me for the last four months. I wish everyone would drop their service. I ordered online and they sent a confirmation email. When I went to my account they said my order was cancelled.

When I called them she had to enter my order in again and she was giving me the U package which includes everything.

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I said I want I ordered, the U package. She hung up on me! Here are some cons: This is the main reason that I have almost cancelled with them.

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I have to stop a recording to be able to watch tv. This is annoying for sure. Here are some pros: They have way more channels especially in HD. COM — and the app completely sucks. In the end, I changed back to charter because your customer service is so bad. I have been shown very poor customer service and all i want is my money refunded.

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Next step consumer affairs. They lie and will cheat you out of your money. I started a chat to see if I can reduce my bill and they offered me a free tablet for being a long time customer. They told me my existing phone line and internet would be locked into a two year contract and the tablet would be free. It sounded like a good idea since I had no plans of changing my number and internet provider. A month later, I notice my bill tripled. We ended up finding out after 5 months of disputes and calling Customer Loyalty that there is nothing they can do.

The internet had been locked into a one year contract and the tablet is locked into a 2 year contract. Their representatives are liars and months later when you notice that your bill has tripled, the Customer Loyalty representatives can do nothing for you to correct the problem.

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They are well aware that their service and customer service representatives lie to customers. By the time customers call to dispute it with Customer Loyalty, there is nothing they can do. They are total scammers!!

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Before this begun we asked that the bill be on the 5th of the month and they said no problem but set our bill for the 25th in only three weeks. So even though we keep calling and they keep saying that the problem will be taken care of something else messes up. Is any of this making sense to any one? Please let me know. We have no bundles. Only internet through our phone line.

We like our internet but billing is messed up. Att technical service is terrible if you are calli with a problem. They will run their tests and establish that it is an equipment issue but do not come out when requested to do so. Instead they send you replacement equipment that will not work with how they originally set up the wiring.

Leaving you without service for 6 days and only give credit on a percentage of the basic bill. So sad how bad. I think this must be my week not to have good service. And the on demand makes no sense with regard to content. I agree with all posts, have had same experiences. I love my ATT Uverse, much better than spectrum. I switched to spectrum for 1 year and hated it the whole time. The remote was about twice as big, the DVR had very little recording space and the channel selection was awful.

I switched back to Uverse and actually demanded Uverse because they were trying to get me to take DirectTV which I absolutely refused. It was, for the first month. And their customer service is the worst! Any phone call, figure at least two hours, oftentimes more.

Good luck trying to communicate with a rep from the Far East. I called on May 5th to have my services cancelled on May 18th after having troubles with them in the past and was assured by 3 agents that my service would be discontinued! I had an appointment to get my services installed at my new address on the 1st but nobody showed up.

UVerse is awful. I placed an order online, which was simple and pretty competitive. However, a few days later I get an email that my order was canceled. I got online with another agent, who suggested it was a processing error and asked me to order again, so I did she tried to send me a shopping cart to work from but it was a nightmare. She suggested I call in to order, and tried that. For ANY call no matter how simple the work , they require you to hold open a 4 hour window for the tech to arrive, and give the tech up to 4 hours to complete his work.

The reality is that their work usually takes no more than an hour. This site is a U. Consumer site. You can learn more about our site and privacy policy here. Overall Rating 3 out of 5. Contract terms:. View Plans Bundling available. Written by: Trevor Wheelwright. See our review for the details. View plan. What does the price include? HD Access: Major league and college games are covered by the following networks: Equipment costs Your first wireless HD receiver is included with your price.

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That stinks…were you calling to cancel service? Charles Gooden. Let us know how it goes with cancelling. Also, are you going to go with another service? James Taylor. Cameron Smith. Nicole Berg. Todd Polen. Sarah Williams. Mike Donnely. Joe Doe. Brad Owens.

Bill Prosch. Bettye Rembert.

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