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Morning Save Deals from The Talk. Steals on The Real. Extra TV Morning Save. Morning Save Deals from Dish Nation. Did you try the contact info that was listed? I am not affiliated with the deals, I just share them but I hope you get what you want! I tried to find them for you, but could not. Can you tell me where I can find that scarf company that was promoted on the day the above items were promoted. I will follow up with them directly to find out what happened to my paid for items. Tryed to use Jills Deals about Invicta Watches was told the site was infected advised by avg not to go on it.

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Was that it? I was looking through the archives and that is the only scarf I see from a recent offer. The Today Show provides the links so I do not have an alternative. Just in case anyone is interested. I ordered the mini hair dryer over a week ago and have not received it yet. How long does it take to have it sent to me? I did not get the pants. Can anyone help me? Two weeks. I hope you get it resolved. You may also want to contact your credit card company and ask them to withhold payment until your order is completed.

All my best, Lori. Hope your hair dryer arrived- here is the contact email if it did not: Email address: Two weeks -all my best, Lori.

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  • Ready to find out how to save on American Girl dolls and accessories this holiday?.

They even have ones for WellieWishers! The Best for Last! Personal Shoppers. They will not only help us in a pinch, but they are always available to answer questions, help us shop without the crowds, pull items and extend invitations to exclusive events that we would not normally be privy to.

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You guessed it, they sold out right away. I called our Personal Shopper frantically, and she was on it — she had one in the store! She came through for both. But make no mistake. Please share it with your family and friends. We would love to know more about your experience. By sharing your tips, experiences, and memories, in our comment section below, you help fellow members of The JetSet Family community decide the best fit for them and their families.

Let us know what you liked most, or if you have any questions about American Girl dolls! Related article: American Girl Doll Giveaway. American Girl Baking Classes. Grace Thomas Girl of the Year Celebrate a Birthday at American Girl. On occasion, contributors of The JetSet Family are invited to experience gifted products and services.

Our descriptions have always accurately reflected our overall feelings, and The JetSet Family will only ever share things that we genuinely love and believe worthy of being featured. Any purchases made using these links helps The JetSet Family blog continue to share great content with our readers. Thank you for supporting us and our sponsors. These are great deals. When my daughter gets older, I definitely want to get her one of these American Dolls. They are so beautiful and I love the stories behind them. My daughter has been begging for an American Girl doll!

She even saves the catalogs and looks through them often. My daughter Amberly wants one of these American Girl Dolls so bad. I like that I can save some money while picking up some outfits for the doll. My girls have several of the American Girl Books and they would love to own a doll each. I love American Girl dolls and books and my daughter enjoyed both when she was young. Now my grand daughter loves them.

They are all so gorgeous, I do not think I could pick a favorite. My daughter would enjoy them all, too. Yeah you HAVE to wait for a sale. My goodness. Lovely dolls though.

GIVEAWAY: How to Save on American Girl Dolls and Accessories

My daughter never had AG but my nieces have soooooo many dolls. You really snagged yourself some good stuff, and obviously it pays to be on top of their sales! Thanks for the tips: Filing them away for when my daughter enters this age…. Gosh those are pretty dolls! I missed the American Girl Christmas sale cyber monday sale? Thanks for the info. I think my favorite will always be molly. My daughter is a little bit young for an American Girl doll yet she is three but this is on our someday list. My daughters never had any of these dolls but they are beautiful. Great gift for any little girl!

My daughter is only 2, but she is really into dolls right now. I would love one of these for her. I may get her one for her 5th birthday in April. She has been asking for one. Toys toys toys! This doll seems great! I have a neice who is three years old. I wonder if she would be old enough for one.

Such lovely dolls! I have tons of cars and action figures all over the house, though. I had one growing up and she was like my best friend! No girls here, but walked by a window of a cute bakery at our mall and noticed it was an American Girl cafe. Thanks for these tips! Maybe next year too? The princess one is stunning. I love this collection.

Wish I had a little girl myself but I do have 2 nieces that love American Girl dolls. So pretty!

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These are all great tips. Check your local Costco. Enjoy your holiday shopping. Thank you, Lynette! This is great information. Also how long does it typically take to ship? I highly suggest taking advantage of the free shipping. AG dolls especially Truly Me ones, rarely are discounted. They may have one or two, but the chances that it is the one you are looking to get is slim.

AG will most likely offer one more week of free shipping in December. And ground shipping to the U. These are great tips. My niece loves American Girl dolls. With the holidays coming and alot of shopping to do deals are always welcome. Thanks for sharing this super helpful information! My daughter is a big American Girl Doll fan, in fact we just had our first luncheon at the Orlando Bistro around 2 weeks ago.

Thanks for the information! Have you found that the actual little girl clothing goes on sale during cyber Monday? My little one mainly wants her own attire to match her doll. Thank you for writing in. Do you think the offer AG just emailed is as good as it will get for Black Friday or will they have a special BF only deal?

We we have to see, but AG always loves to shake things up and do things differently.

2019 Girl of the Year - Blaire Wilson - Farm Restaurant - American Girl Doll - GOTY

The retail trends this year across all stores, have been to start Black Friday sales early, have in-store doorbusters and exclusives, but I will be very interested in seeing how they participate in Cyber Monday and the daily deals over the next few weeks in December. I got my daughter her first American Girl dolls this year! A Bitty Baby and some Wellie Wishers. I almost missed out on buying these waiting for Costco gift cards to stock. They never did, but we liked the Bitty Baby set they offered. I am crazy disappointed in AG sales this year.. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals were sad..

I tried to order stuff online for cyber monday and their processing fee was almost as high as the item I was purchasing.. Interested to see what they will do in December… So far very disappointed in AG…. My daughter who 9 has been begging for one.. J6ist cant aforred it. Maybe one day. She asked Santa. Thanks for going over some tips for saving money on american girl dolls. You mentioned that some of the best sales can happen during the holiday season, and that you should use that to your advantage.

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It sounds like it could be good to research about some different sales in advance so that you can plan for it. I will use the gift card for my daughter, and she would love some new clothes including the ice skating outfit her her doll. It will be for my daughter who just visited American Girl Store today for the first time and saw the Hawaiian doll named Nanea. She left without arguing and delighted that one day, she might be able to get Nanea. I would spend the money on my daughter who is 4!